Azabu Sabo!


I discovered another great place for dessert! Azabu Sabo located at Marina Square (the one with the Hokkaido ice cream stall at the entrance of the restaurant) has a HUGE list of desserts, mostly based on the soft vanilla ice cream or other yummy ice cream prepared by the Japanese ice cream chef & fruits or sweet potatoes & azuki red beans…

If you go for desserts and want something light, go for dessert item no. 18 (SGD8)! It’s drizzled with strong green tea and has really nice combination of the azuki beans, sweet potato base and soft vanilla ice cream (which is far better than McD’s kind of course). 😛

The food there is really really tasty too.. I had the set meal for the miso-flavoured salmon steak with beef and pork rice.. They serve nice miso soup with a bit of egg inside plus some pickled lotus root and carrots. Definitely worth the SGD15+ I paid.. 😀

Their hamburger steak is so-so… My buddy Mr Yangge preferred my beef and pork rice to his plum flavoured rice and took about half of my share.. hur hur.
Oh, if you’re just dropping by for a scoop of ice cream, try the durian flavour. It’s pretty smooth and not overly sweet. 🙂


I can’t stand taking the MRT sometimes. There has been an increase of bad air syndrome among commuters. And they ALWAYS chat on the phone right beside me. With the ladies, it’s bad breath. With men, it’s over-whelming cologne (usually CK be or one or the really uncle-smelling type) or body odour!! @.@ And it doesn’t help that I got quite a sensitive nose. Sigh.
I’m just trying to read my book in peace and they’ll be yakking and emitting bad air right beside me. I mean, go on, go ahead and pretend there’s no one else on the train. Be like that. Be the inconsiderate commuter and make my life like an opened flood gate while I try to blow my runny nose WHILE trying to read. As if my subtle, uncomfortable shuffle in my seat & a meaningful glance of warning in their direction doesn’t send a message strong enough.

People. Hate to live with them, would rather live without them.

Is it the weather? Or long-overdue visits to the dentist? Or just plain bad luck on my part??? All i can do is scoot.
If you have a friend with personal hygiene problems, PLEASE let them know, for the sake of Humanity’s noses…

Sidenote: Am reading Catch-22 by Joseph Heller now… LOVE it.
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Have you ever ogled at a really attractive girl that you wished you knew and have her say hi to your friend straight after that? Has it happened to you when she knew you were ogling at her before she said hi to your friend who was right next to you? Well, I have. Twice.

Now, this makes for a potentially embarrassing situation, or the one that you hoped that you would get. The girl is now in your sphere of influence and you can work your charm on her. In theory anyway. Thing is, you’re not going to become friends with her. She knows you like her and whatever pretence we usually have about not wanting to get the girl everyone knows is attractive is futile. She knows you want to do naughty things to her.

Some of us may think it’s bad. It’s not. We all know about this little dance people have with their potential mates. They want to show they are interested and see if their interest is reciprocrated. Things get complicated when you don’t want to seem to obvious and yet want to make things obvious. It’s paradoxes galore. Now that she knows what you think, and it’s just between the two of you, one part of the equation is solved. You wait.

And that is what the Capitalist Infidel is doing. Waiting. Maybe I’ll get a good reaction, maybe I won’t. Right now, I’ll sit, cross my fingers, and think of how I should bitch about that little dance they call courtship soon. The Capitalist Infidel is getting distracted.

I’m so tired of reading & blogging so much about what I dislike about Singapore’s politics & social issues simply because, seriously, it’s like swimming in a fishbowl; you just keep going back to the same stuff over and over again. It’s either about how tight censorship is here or how little pay & freedom people have in terms of freedom of speech, chewing of gum, lighting of ciggies, firecrackers, homing missiles, etc or how members of the government manage to screw up the overpromised and underdelievered policies time and again…

The worst thing is, nothing substantial ever solves the problem no matter how much blogging has been done online on these issues. SO. It’s really none of my business anyway. I shall save myself from useless banter by turning my attention to the subject that stirs me awake anytime, anywhere… FOOD!! Gluttons hands up! lol.

Just a little update on restaurant reviews from my humble & honest opinion…
(Did I tell you guys my dream job is to be a world-travelling food critic? Imagine all that free travel & food & star treatment cuz everyone wants you to put in a good word… I can’t picture myself doing the Japan Hour’s ‘(keeps silent in bliss for 5 seconds while savouring the taste of Godly food & making everyone’s mouth water) mmmmmm oooishii!!’ expression on television though. I’ll do my own version.
Just keep chewing, smiling, shaking my head in defeat and nodding occasionally….purrfect. Someone wake me up. lol.

Me gonna rave about this restaurant I brought Shuwen to the other day..
Ma Maison at Bugis Junction. Its waitresses all wear kimonos.. not the real kind which takes tons of skill to wear (although I do know Nami in Toronto, that serves excellent traditional Japanese grilled seafood including live, raw, sea urchins, does have a full-Japanese crew who wears real kimonos to wait on tables), just a simplified robe that looks like the real thing, but good enough anyway.
So at Maison Shuwen ordered the Miso Beef Stew that came with spagetti. Quite an innovative concoction of ingredients, I must say. It wasn’t overly salty from the miso, and the beef cubes were really tender & juicy. The portion was just right for one person too. As for me, I originally wanted their highly recommended Hamburger Steak, but i realised that it was a patty with pork inside too, so I took the waitress’s recommendation of their sirloin steak. It wasn’t a bad recommendation at all. Although the steak wasn’t as thick as what some other western cuisine restaurants would’ve served up, the meat was prime sirloin, the surface was a little crispy and the meat inside was soooo tender & easy to chew… I had it done medium, and I must say, that did the steak justice because the flavour was all retained. Gosh I wanta go back to try that famed Hamburger steak & beef stew! lol.

Ma Masion: 3.5 stars out of five!
I wish I took some pictures, but I’m gadget deficient now. lol.
Just a note:
New restaurant in town!~ If you like French fine dining at a cosy setting,
Le Pont De Vie, located along Waterloo street (just behind Plaza by the Park. The street is closed temporarily and therefore inaccessible to automobiles due to construction work going on), opens for dinner starting tomorrow.. I have 2 classmates from my school waitering there, and I got to have a peek today. It’s an old hut standing by itself, housing a theatre used for rehearsals as well. When you enter its front porch, there’s this whimsical-looking wooden-built outdoor stage with wavy wooden benches for the audience.
The seating capacity’s rather small, about 8 to 10 tables max, I’d say from my observation. If you’ve got an expensive taste for French cuisine, you can go give it a try. I daren’t say it’s good, for obvious reasons, so yea. Just for your information anyway. 🙂

Or perhaps it should be where you end and I begin. The issue with parents and children. Parents never seem to let go of their children. Never seem to be able to get it into their heads that the kid is all grown up and the kid needs to know what it means to be independent before getting into situations like marriage. Parents are complicated. They think they know what is best for you and its usually what they had hoped they had done in their life but never got around to it. Either that or they want you to do exactly as they did.

I sound all confusing and pissed off, I know. But well, seriously, I seem to have lost the ability to communicate with my parents. We barely ever see eye to eye on most things and the things that seem important to me in life are what we barely ever agree on. I am twenty and I have a curfew. I know that my parents’ idea of how I should live my life is way different from what I want with my life. I never realised the magnitude of this difference till a few nights ago when I sat down to write this entry but I was spent. They want me to be the all Indian girl that is obedient, submissive at times, caring, self-sacrificing and I don’t know whatever else and basically want me to get home by 10pm and never moveout till the day I get married to some guy that I will meet through them for maybe a couple of times or a few more at most before I decide to get married to this particular one or meet more guys from their selection and well, that is an altogether different matter seeing as how I don’t, for even one second, believe that there will be some guy in this community that will be compatible to me. But yes. That’s life. When I get married is when I get to be independent I hear.

Naturally, I have plans of my own for my life. This is my life. I live it the way I want. And the way I want might not be what you approve but you see, I don’t subscribe to your beliefs and your values and ideas. You might even say that I won’t be happy all alone and leading an unsuitable lifestyle but you see, at least I chose that. It’s not like living under parents means my life is the happiest it could ever be or even happy at all. There is also the aspect of gender discrimination that I am completely leaving out but there are far too many issues tangled up in this whole mess that I don’t want to be involved in. I want to move out. Live on my own. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my parents. Far from that. I am going to say one of those things that seem to be bullshit but yeah, you know, if I moved out we would all be on good terms and absence makes the heart grow fonder.Ultimately, nothing I do or say is going to change them. They take it that its their bloody responsibilty to pay for my expenses, pay for all my education if I intend to further my studies, find the right guy and only then will their responsibilties suddenly cease to exist. I can’t see any sense in that. They should understand that I am my own person. I don’t suppose that’s happening anytime soon.

The Capitalist Infidel has been watching as people around Singapore whine about transport price hikes again. This annual exercise has been carried out for years and nothing useful has come out of it. This is mainly because Singaporeans are barking up the wrong tree. The hikes come because the market is distorted, not because of the belligerence of the companies involved.

The Capitalist Infidel would like to remind the people of Singapore that private companies exist for the sake of making a profit. They have a duty to their shareholders to maximise profit. That means increasing prices and lowering costs. In free market, they should be allowed to set whatever prices they wish. The market then decides whether they are willing to pay for it or if they will look for substitutes. Therefore, what they are doing, as profit seeking companies is correct.

However, Singapore’s market for Transport has been warped by government demands for the purchase of a Certificate Of Entitlement(COE) for the ownership of private cars. Private cars are the only reasonable substitute available for the consumers. All other forms of motorised transportation, the only means of travelling to work by most commuters here are controlled by two companies, both of which serve different areas of Singapore.

The COE was first introduced to control the number of cars on the road to reduce congestion. But we now have electronic tolls in the form of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP). Therefore, we have a new tool to deal with congestion on the roads. With COE, whoever paid for it could drive as much as they wanted anywhere they wanted without incurring extra costs. With ERP, we can control the traffic by having people pay toll, so that they have incentives for using alternate roads and are in fact paying for any negative externalities they cost.

And of course if there was still congestion, prices could be raised or we could allow it to sort itself out. After all, there is only that much money people are willing to pay to sit in a traffic jam and people should be allowed to do so if they so choose. The unhindered buses on bus only lanes and trains in the Mass Rapid Tranist (MRT) system will only look more attractive to the people sitting in jams then.

The Capitalist Infidel supports the idea of public transportation because it reduces pollution and congestion but using COE not the way to go about it. COE does not discourage people from driving cars they already own. ERP does. And it is not the cars sitting in garages that cause problems, it is those on the road.

The Capitalist Infidel suggests that COE be scrapped and that the use of ERP be increased. This will let Singaporeans make better choices and no longer be price takers of public transport companies. It will allow Singaporeans a choice between having a car and paying to enter congested areas or taking public transport to avoid such charges and congestion.

Public Transport should still be subsidised, but in such a way that it helps them reduce costs and therefore prices so that they can attract customers. The way it should have been in the first place. Not what it is like now, when the prices of substitutes are increased which ends up in unfair prices from public transport companies, because they can.

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Racial What?


The Capitalist Infidel has been really tired of how Singapore keeps trying to force the concept of racial harmony down the throats of its people. The Capitalist Infidel is also tired of how brainwashed Singaporeans take such concepts in a textbook manner and repeat old war stories, which is the approach the administration here takes towards everything.
The administration here seems to think that they can brainwash everyone into their thinking and honestly speaking, they have good reason to. But racial harmony is not a set of rules you learn, or print behind every textbook to drill into the heads of schoolchildren. By forcing people into such matters, the administration could well be making things worse. And in any case, The Capitalist Infidel cannot accept such hypocritical practices.

All this is not because The Capitalist Infidel does not support the idea of different races living together but the fact that the direction of all this is wrong. Being a Liberal, The Capitalist Infidel firmly believes in embracing, or at least accepting differences between people. But forcing ideas into people is wrong and counterproductive.

Racial Harmony Day, an event in Singapore that is supposed to celebrate our differences is an excellent example of this. To be honest, The Capitalist Infidel does not really care about the race, religion or nationality of the people he interacts with every day and is effectively colour blind. There are many more people, Singaporeans included, just like that. Racial Harmony Day changes all that. It highlights the differences between us. It makes us remember that we are different. For what? The Capitalist Infidel feels that it is good enough we are all human. There is a reason we do not have Gender Harmony Day, such events point out differences that do not need to be pointed out and will end up polarising the different sides.

In any case, The Capitalist Infidel has reason to believe that the administration’s drive to achieve racial harmony is less than totally altruistic. The Capitalist Infidel has always been told about how we are surrounded by Muslim neighbours and are always in danger from their attacks. That doesn’t look like what say they want us to think. Add the well known fact that Singapore’s Armour (we don’t have tanks, just the miniature versions of it) divisions have no Muslims, and suddenly, a different picture emerges.

There is in fact a test case for whether Singapore truly believes that we should celebrate our differences and not doing it for more sinister reasons. The Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to bear arms, among other things, making them unable to serve in the armed forces, which all Singaporean men are forced to do. This has resulted in them being thrown in Detention Barracks, the military prison, all for their beliefs. It is not as if they could not be allowed to serve in the Civil Defence, the administration just seems to want to punish those whose views are different from it. The Racial Harmony drive is a sham!

And things like that do not happen just in the armed forces. After the September 11th attacks, Singapore started having people check the bags of people entering the Mass Rapid Transit(MRT), Singapore’s version of the subway. I was once approached by one of the guards who apologised while she was going through my bag, telling me that they had to check the bags of non-Malays sometimes so that the Malays will not get upset over it. While I appreciated the fact that people had their bags checked for security in times like that, I was appalled by such statements. I saw just how easy it was to walk right past them with a bomb(which really wasn’t hard anyway, the checks were random and few people got checked). Not just that. Racism could rear its ugly head so easily in Singapore, land of propaganda.

This shows how important it is to get the fundamentals right. We need to teach our children the importance and the significance of Liberty. That we need to accept each other’s differences and embrace the fact that we are all human. Liberty is what holds a country up in the end. Not propaganda.

This article was first published in The Capitalist Infidel’s blog