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Abridged version posted on Szez’s blog It’s uncanny how every expat or exchange student I talk to agree with me on almost all things politically related to the general public of Singapore. Was reading George Orwell’s 1984 in Starbucks this afternoon when the Afro-american gentleman sitting at the next table asked if I was reading […]

I just turned 21 this year, & I’m only in my second relationship but I’m engaged to a wonderful guy who appreciates me, & I’ve been Aunty Agony to many girlfriends who seek my listening ear about their relationship problems ever since years before my own relationships started. I am, what they say, “mature for […]

I can’t stand taking the MRT sometimes. There has been an increase of bad air syndrome among commuters. And they ALWAYS chat on the phone right beside me. With the ladies, it’s bad breath. With men, it’s over-whelming cologne (usually CK be or one or the really uncle-smelling type) or body odour!! @.@ And it […]

The Capitalist Infidel has been watching as people around Singapore whine about transport price hikes again. This annual exercise has been carried out for years and nothing useful has come out of it. This is mainly because Singaporeans are barking up the wrong tree. The hikes come because the market is distorted, not because of […]

Racial What?


The Capitalist Infidel has been really tired of how Singapore keeps trying to force the concept of racial harmony down the throats of its people. The Capitalist Infidel is also tired of how brainwashed Singaporeans take such concepts in a textbook manner and repeat old war stories, which is the approach the administration here takes […]

This is also posted in Szez’s blog. They put a price you can pay to help receive some form of payback for damages on mortality, investments, body parts, holidays, houses, automobiles, etc. They want you to believe nothing in life is perfect, something will go wrong for almost anything you get yourself into. And they […]

Let’s see now. I am working on this blog with a couple of friends and it focuses on opinions that seem to matter right. Like opinions on social issues and political issues and such things that I have not exactly bothered myself with off late. I mean, come on, what you think really matters and […]