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I just turned 21 this year, & I’m only in my second relationship but I’m engaged to a wonderful guy who appreciates me, & I’ve been Aunty Agony to many girlfriends who seek my listening ear about their relationship problems ever since years before my own relationships started. I am, what they say, “mature for […]

My article on why attractive people have unattractive partners has been pretty popular and honestly I’m really glad you guys liked it. However I’ve been noticing how people have been linked to the site with search terms like how they feel unattractive and honestly, I think people have been pretty harsh with themselves and it […]

I’m in a one-year old relationship, and it’s been a helluva ride for me and my guy (let’s call him Joe) because we’re both rather possessive people, both stubborn, both egoistic and both extremely passionate towards this relationship. When things are going nice and rosy, we’re literally joined at the hip, and things get pretty […]

Have you ever ogled at a really attractive girl that you wished you knew and have her say hi to your friend straight after that? Has it happened to you when she knew you were ogling at her before she said hi to your friend who was right next to you? Well, I have. Twice. […]

This is also posted in Szez’s blog. They put a price you can pay to help receive some form of payback for damages on mortality, investments, body parts, holidays, houses, automobiles, etc. They want you to believe nothing in life is perfect, something will go wrong for almost anything you get yourself into. And they […]

The Capitalist Infidel is not the first to notice how attractive people, male or female, tend to have unattractive partners. Of course, not many people have come up with convincing reasons for that. The Capitalist Infidel has decided to take a break from all the heavy articles and attempt to do what others have failed […]