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The Capitalist Infidel has been watching as people around Singapore whine about transport price hikes again. This annual exercise has been carried out for years and nothing useful has come out of it. This is mainly because Singaporeans are barking up the wrong tree. The hikes come because the market is distorted, not because of […]

The Capitalist Infidel has been looking at what the record companies have been doing in their fight against piracy and is totally disgusted. The Capitalist Infidel has no idea how any industry can try to woo customers by abusing them. The Capitalist Infidel is not talking about their actions against innocent schoolchildren downloading songs off […]

Let’s see now. I am working on this blog with a couple of friends and it focuses on opinions that seem to matter right. Like opinions on social issues and political issues and such things that I have not exactly bothered myself with off late. I mean, come on, what you think really matters and […]