Azabu Sabo!


I discovered another great place for dessert! Azabu Sabo located at Marina Square (the one with the Hokkaido ice cream stall at the entrance of the restaurant) has a HUGE list of desserts, mostly based on the soft vanilla ice cream or other yummy ice cream prepared by the Japanese ice cream chef & fruits or sweet potatoes & azuki red beans…

If you go for desserts and want something light, go for dessert item no. 18 (SGD8)! It’s drizzled with strong green tea and has really nice combination of the azuki beans, sweet potato base and soft vanilla ice cream (which is far better than McD’s kind of course). 😛

The food there is really really tasty too.. I had the set meal for the miso-flavoured salmon steak with beef and pork rice.. They serve nice miso soup with a bit of egg inside plus some pickled lotus root and carrots. Definitely worth the SGD15+ I paid.. 😀

Their hamburger steak is so-so… My buddy Mr Yangge preferred my beef and pork rice to his plum flavoured rice and took about half of my share.. hur hur.
Oh, if you’re just dropping by for a scoop of ice cream, try the durian flavour. It’s pretty smooth and not overly sweet. 🙂


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