Is it just me or…


I can’t stand taking the MRT sometimes. There has been an increase of bad air syndrome among commuters. And they ALWAYS chat on the phone right beside me. With the ladies, it’s bad breath. With men, it’s over-whelming cologne (usually CK be or one or the really uncle-smelling type) or body odour!! @.@ And it doesn’t help that I got quite a sensitive nose. Sigh.
I’m just trying to read my book in peace and they’ll be yakking and emitting bad air right beside me. I mean, go on, go ahead and pretend there’s no one else on the train. Be like that. Be the inconsiderate commuter and make my life like an opened flood gate while I try to blow my runny nose WHILE trying to read. As if my subtle, uncomfortable shuffle in my seat & a meaningful glance of warning in their direction doesn’t send a message strong enough.

People. Hate to live with them, would rather live without them.

Is it the weather? Or long-overdue visits to the dentist? Or just plain bad luck on my part??? All i can do is scoot.
If you have a friend with personal hygiene problems, PLEASE let them know, for the sake of Humanity’s noses…

Sidenote: Am reading Catch-22 by Joseph Heller now… LOVE it.
Posted in Szez’s blog as well.


7 Responses to “Is it just me or…”

  1. 1 Q

    have u wondered if ur hands can fit around the person’s neck? if the person really suck, u r doing him a favour by ending his misery. just rmm, staring is rude…

  2. The LAST thing i’ll wanta do is to fit my hands around ANYONE’s neck, especially in humid s’pore. And I don’t stare. I give a meaningful glance. Staring is what S’poreans do, buddy. There is a difference.

  3. 3 ****

    hey,what are the odds-im reading Catch-22 too!!!! Loving it as well..

  4. 4 ****

    By the by, I completely agree with the whole overwhelming cheap perfume dose, or worse–the case of the BO….it sickens me just as well.And the bad breath-i dont know why Singaporeans dont brush teeth after lunch/gargle at least OR have mints on them!!Dont want to get stated on the BO-sometimes i feel that the re-using of unwashed clothes in this climate is also another factor.I wish they had social hygine education classes in school-our culture really LACKS a proper address on this key issue.

  5. You’ve got to love the satire in the book eh. I love the part on the catch of Yossarian’s liver condition. He’s my favourite character. 🙂
    Anyways, I KNOW! Tell me about the hygiene, or lack thereof, of people in this humid tropical weather!! I can’t imagine anyone re-wearing their shirts or underwear.. I mean, eww. I only wear my jeans a few times before I wash them because the material is quite hard-wearing and it’s actually more comfortable after you wear it a few times..
    More odour encounters include the legendary unshaved armpits (don’t even want to go into details), the airing of soaked socks & feet on rainy days (had some classmates who did that in lecture; I almost died of suffocation), etc. I wish I knew how to stop all these nonsense. :S

  6. 6 Q the man (who the man?)

    btw, wad is ur position on guys wearing singlets to lecture theatres? why is it more important to show off than to insulate? which brings to my next point, legendary armpits are haunting. everytime they wave their hands, u are compelled to observe the healthy crops of korean panax ginseng sprouting freely underneath. just because the universities are at our homeground doesn’t mean we act like its our home right?

  7. Well. If the lecture theatre’s freezing cold, the singlet thing is really just an over-the-top, egoistic & not to mention STUPID thing to do. Even if the guy has a really ripped body. Wearing the right clothes at the right time beats flesh parade any day. Save the pecs & biceps for sunshine. 🙂
    LOL. The undergrowth in the human pit should be abolished. Exception can be made for guys in swim wear or gym gear when they’re swimming or working out though. Anything other than that is just wrong. And that’s why permanent hair removal is invented!

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