So Close Yet So Far


Have you ever ogled at a really attractive girl that you wished you knew and have her say hi to your friend straight after that? Has it happened to you when she knew you were ogling at her before she said hi to your friend who was right next to you? Well, I have. Twice.

Now, this makes for a potentially embarrassing situation, or the one that you hoped that you would get. The girl is now in your sphere of influence and you can work your charm on her. In theory anyway. Thing is, you’re not going to become friends with her. She knows you like her and whatever pretence we usually have about not wanting to get the girl everyone knows is attractive is futile. She knows you want to do naughty things to her.

Some of us may think it’s bad. It’s not. We all know about this little dance people have with their potential mates. They want to show they are interested and see if their interest is reciprocrated. Things get complicated when you don’t want to seem to obvious and yet want to make things obvious. It’s paradoxes galore. Now that she knows what you think, and it’s just between the two of you, one part of the equation is solved. You wait.

And that is what the Capitalist Infidel is doing. Waiting. Maybe I’ll get a good reaction, maybe I won’t. Right now, I’ll sit, cross my fingers, and think of how I should bitch about that little dance they call courtship soon. The Capitalist Infidel is getting distracted.


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