TV Mobile, Singapore Idol


Let’s see now. I am working on this blog with a couple of friends and it focuses on opinions that seem to matter right. Like opinions on social issues and political issues and such things that I have not exactly bothered myself with off late. I mean, come on, what you think really matters and makes a difference? Not that I am someone that wouldn’t make an effort to change things around me or anything but well, till now I really haven’t made much of a difference and I don’t expect that status of mine is going to change anytime soon with my current powerstatus… And well, I guess, most of us tend to have opinions on what we come across and if you are exposing yourself to the news of the world, you will have opinions on such issues. I’ve stopped following the news sometime back. Reasons are plenty but that doesn’t matter now and that doesn’t mean I’ve made the cosy space under a rock my home. I still live in good old Singapore and I still get exposed to issues that seem to be oh-so-important at the moment. Thanks(or no thanks, really) to TV mobile. Thanks to the many blogs of not-so-dumb residents of Singapore that can actually blog in a way that doesn’t put me to sleep before I get to the second line of the post. Like the blog that I am a part of.

Now, I will take the issue of TV mobile. I shall rant about it. Yeah. It’s important. It is a threat to my sanity or whatever is left of it. I can’t enjoy a bloody bus ride without being bombarded by a wide range of shite from chinese soaps to crappy ads to Singapore Idol, which I must say tops the list of shitty Singaporean productions. Now, I can’t really comment on chinese soaps but any soap is shite and we all know that. But Singapore Idol. Man, that is enough for me to avoid taking the damn bus altogether. Lousy singing, lousy song selection, lousy judges, lousy everything. I can’t stand American Idol either. Anything to do with the whole Idol hype makes me want to smash the damn tv. Talentless, worthless waste of time. The Singapore judges having nothing worthwhile to say to the equally incompetent string of singers and all of them seem like a mass of confused idiots trying to put up a show for an equally worthless mass of teenagers that have no idea what real singing talent is and simply scream at the top of their bloody wasted lungs for show of support. The screams are a separate issue altogether! Thinking of the whole thing makes my blood boil. Hearing those screams, which you probably might relate to the scream of someone fearing for dear life, makes me want to rip their tweeny throats apart because that is not how you show support! Anyway. It’s all pointless. Being a Singapore Idol makes you nothing! Not a person of importance or a person with the power to do anything at all. MediaCorp should quite simply cease all its worthless TV productions and save its money but I guess, they will continue to make all of that shite and more to keep the future of Singapore glued to the TV and prevent any original line of thought from ever visiting the minds of the young. Likewise, TV mobile will continue to exist but it isn’t very long till chinese soaps and such things that are harmless to me take primetime slot on TV mobile again.


One Response to “TV Mobile, Singapore Idol”

  1. In case you didn’t notice, Singapore does not have anyone creating ideas for new shows. They find ideas that work, or usually don’t work in other countries and plagarise shamelessly and without thinking much.

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