Szez has been busy with the lengthy application of her Student Pass to study in a Singaporean private school that conducts hotel management courses, which was exacerbated by the fussy administration of her previous private business school and the many procedures of the ICA which don’t end when expected to. Anyway.


The Singaporean “de facto” party is in trouble. Singabloodypore has consistently kept up on the story of how, with an unapologetic manner, the Lees & their lawyers handled the lawsuit with the Chees. More evidence has been discovered and published on the oppressive ways of the PAP in cyberspace. What worries me is, all the war going on has been among the concerned minorities. I guess everyone else is happy enough. And I also guess that not everyone worries about being labelled as part of the apathetic population. Afterall, the government is good at keeping people “contented”. I’d say majority of Singaporeans don’t care about the freedom of speech as long as they get the ocassional luxury buy, holiday or have cheap food in the hood. LOL. And I suppose they take every word of the government for it, for example the ever-increasing costs of living are “good for the economy” and therefore worth the sacrifice from the ordinary man.


Law suits aside, it’s a glorious day for more “speak up, Singaporeans!”avenues with the introduction of STOMP, a place for people to rant about the everyday Humdrum. It’s quite a lively site, what with all the MMS sent that showcases everyday happenings that leak from the laser sharp eyes of the caring government. Yes, Singaporeans have a LOT of say, but looking at the Forum on the site, it’s mostly trivials. Another way to make the average Singaporean feel like his opinion matters.

Singapore IS good at keeping its people happy. By diverting their attention from what truly matters to what keeps the govenment running in its consistent “efficiency” by obliterating more responses akin to Mr Brown’s.

My brows continue to furrow.


2 Responses to “Humdrum”

  1. 1 wright

    Maybe its that Singaporeans have given up bothering themselves with things they know they can’t affect. But then again, when Singaporeans do have the power to vote and what not, why not make full use of it, eh. Singaporeans will continue to intrigue me. Such content creatures, really. But the apathy that we see in Singaporeans, I must say, I’ve seen in people of other nationalties too.
    Maybe its that they are simply happy to continue with their day to day life as long as their life isn’t threatened.
    And anyway. Most people’s opinions don’t seem to matter anywhere. Whole load of blogs and what not but nothing has effectively changed.

  2. 2 szez

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I think Ms Beautifuk agrees with you in the same context:
    “Yeah, sure I do. I think free speech is very important. But face it, you as one little person is not going to change the country over night. This is a system that has been established for years. If you want to be a citizen and spend your years here happily and peaceably, better learn to live with the system. If you hate it enough to gripe about it every other minute, pack your bags and go somewhere else!”

    I agree with V (from the movie V for Vendetta): “…The government should be afraid of its people” and the very clichéd saying that explains what V was trying to drive at, “Unity is strength.”
    The bottom-line is sayings & clichés are so because they’re true. Apathy may be present in other countries other than Singapore, but what makes people interested in Singapore’s politics is mainly because of the way Singaporeans so sightlessly buy into the government’s excuses for the blatant contradiction in its promise of Democracy when you contrast the alleged social & political freedom so casually promised and what the government is doing to its opposition parties (SDP, for example) and its people who try to speak up (Mr Brown, the latest example).

    Apathy comes in different degrees. And it differs greatly from cynicism & satire. Perhaps the average American has no power in putting President George Bush out of job, but American media is free to express their dissatisfaction on national TV. No one’s going to arrest Jay Leno for mocking President Bush for making boo-boos in his political career. But if you go on any Singapore TV or radio station to broadcast your honest opinion on the government’s incompetence in any way, you’re going to face serious law suits, even if you put it in a joking manner like Mr Brown. This is an outrage, and Singaporeans are only blogging about it. Why? Because no one’s going to start a strike on the streets to protest against income tax & transport increases or on behalf of Mr Brown.

    The government has manufactured a nation of apathetic, self-muttering & dissatisfied workers who can’t imagine what’s going to happen if the government is enraged and stops taking care of them & therefore settles for the status quo, even if they know full well it is only second-best.

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