Shooting Yourself 101


This was originally posted in It’s not really plagarism when you were the one who wrote it first anyway.

The Capitalist Infidel has just read about how MrBrown, a Singaporean blogger who was invited to write for a local newspaper got a harsh reply from K BHAVANI, the Press Secretary to the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, or the Propoganda Ministry. The Capitalist Infidel feels that they need better strategists. First and foremost, regardless of what they wrote, they have just attracted more attention to the very blogger they are trying to condemn. They have just lost grip on even more minds that they previously had. This has also proved just how seriously they take the blogger. They are pissing in their pants. It also shows how true the reports on a lack of freedom there is in the press. They are destroying the credibility of their own broadsheets. Who needs Reporters sans Frontieres when your own propaganda machine is so broken?

Now that The Capitalist Infidel is done gloating, let him attack the propaganda machine’s reply without mercy. After talking about how great our beloved leader is, the Bhavani had this to say (quotes in italics),

mr brown’s views on all these issues distort the truth. They are polemics dressed up as analysis, blaming the Government for all that he is unhappy with. He offers no alternatives or solutions. His piece is calculated to encourage cynicism and despondency, which can only make things worse, not better, for those he professes to sympathise with.

The last time The Capitalist Infidel heard, the government was supposed to solve the problems of the people. If the government cannot solve problems, why do we have one? Let the people decide if what he says is true. The Propaganda Ministry is the last organisation who has the moral right to ask for people not to distort facts. The Capitalist Infidel thinks that what mrbrown wrote was a fair opinion and that Mr Bhavani was distorting the facts.

If it differs from what the government wants us to think it doesn’t mean that he is wrong. It means the government failed. If he can convince most Singaporeans that he is right he probably is. The government has been blowing propaganda about how great we are at us for years. If one blogger can convince us otherwise he may have a point(or that the Propaganda sucks and the Propaganda Minister is fearing for his job). At the very least he should be allowed a chance to speak.

mr brown is entitled to his views. But opinions which are widely circulated in a regular column in a serious newspaper should meet higher standards. Instead of a diatribe mr brown should offer constructive criticism and alternatives. And he should come out from behind his pseudonym to defend his views openly.

The Propaganda Ministry has just admitted what we have known all along. You can write anything, as long as it sucks up to the autocrats. By higher standards, they probably meant higher standards of self censorship. The Capitalist Infidel is shocked at the naivete of the Propaganda Ministry, who have been too used to their bitch, the Singapore Press Holdings. Not every writer is soulless.

The Capitalist Infidel would also like to inform the Propaganda Ministry that mrbrown had previously unmasked himself (Yes! Surprise!) and is not hiding under any pseudonym. The Capitalist Infidel would like Mr Bhavani to stop hiding under his cloak of anonymity and defend his views openly. The Capitalist Infidel has never heard his name and thinks such remarks are irresponsible. Thanks for proving exactly how disconnected you are with the rest of Singapore.

It is not the role of journalists or newspapers in Singapore to champion issues, or campaign for or against the Government. If a columnist presents himself as a non-political observer, while exploiting his access to the mass media to undermine the Government’s standing with the electorate, then he is no longer a constructive critic, but a partisan player in politics.

The Capitalist Infidel knew this long ago. But there are no journalists in Singapore anyway so he does not really understand why the Propaganda Ministry acts as if they exist. What we do have are good storytellers. The Capitalist Infidel feels that the Propaganda Ministry have disgraced themselves just about enough. If they continue to insult themselves like that The Capitalist Infidel will run out of things to write about.


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