Keeping Records


This is a movement started in The Capitalist Infidel’s Blog. Hopefully the readers here will be able to help as well. I’ll be putting this on the same page so users can comment on the same post

The Capitalist Infidel has had enough of the government’s stunts. The article against mrbrown is the last straw. The government cannot act with such impunity and expect us to forget by next election. The Capitalist Infidel is setting up a timeline and list what the government has done. Please help me by posting what I may have missed out. We will not forget.

1. Hitting out against Mr Brown
2. Declaring that liberal democracy is weak in Australia/NewZealand
3. Use of pretexts to raise prices illogically

What else? I know I’m missing out on a lot of things. Please help contribute to this list. I will approve the comments even if they are against what I have to say. I moderate to prevent spamming.


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